Turn Over a New Leaf in Wayne, ME, Augusta, ME And Surrounding Areas

Trim or remove excess trees from your property

Are excess branches an overbearing burden in your backyard? You don't have to get rid of your trees to let the sunshine in. Open up your outdoor space with tree trimming services from Stevenson Solutions.

If your tree is too damaged for recovery, it might be time to remove it once and for all. Don't try removing it yourself and risking damage to your Wayne, ME or Augusta, ME property. We can do it for you! Call 207-242-0613 today for a free estimate.

Let Stevenson Solutions clear your land of debris

Has natural overgrowth overtaken your backyard? You don't have to get rid of tons of debris by yourself! Make the most of your New England property with land clearing services for clearing house lots and small wood lots from Stevenson Solutions in Wayne, ME, Augusta, ME and the surrounding area.

Backyard Bonfires are Right Around the Corner

From February to April are the best times for backyard bonfires with family and friends. Ask Stevenson Solutions about buying a firewood bundle from your locally trusted arborists.

Ask about our snow plowing and removal services

From November till April, Wayne, ME becomes a winter wonderland. The first few months are exciting-especially if we get a white Christmas-but after a while, the snow just gets in the way. It can pile up fast, causing a dangerous commute to work and slippery sidewalks.

Outsmart Mother Nature when you work with Stevenson Solutions for snow removal. We offer a range of services, including:

  • Commercial snow removal
  • Private road snow plowing
  • Driveway/sidewalk plowing
  • Home snow removal services
  • Roof snow removal

Ready to get started? Call Stevenson Solutions in Wayne, ME at 207-242-0613 today for a free estimate.

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